Have you seen ESSENCE Music Festival headliner Jill Scott lately? I’m sure you can agree that the soulful songstress looks AMAZING! So it’s quite baffling that rapper 50 Cent would attempt to diss her curvy figure on Twitter. 

Jill, who recently shed a few pounds, was delivered a low blow when a fan tweeted to 50 that Jill looked great before she slimmed down. “Yea, if you like big girls,” 50 responded. 

But wait, it gets worse. 50 Cent then went on to say she looked like a “station wagon” and joked that the slimmer Jill is now a “sports car.” Yes, the rapper named after a monetary denomination had the nerve to call someone a wheeled motor vehicle. Can you believe that?!

Fiddy seemed to come to his senses a few minutes later when he wrote, “Jill Scott done made a move on me. LOL. I just saw a picture of her. She looks great.” 

Jill Scott has always been beautiful at any size, and 50’s initial comments were totally rude and unnecessary. SMH… Jill is on top of her game and has an amazing new album out. Girl, we support your curves and don’t think you need to change one bit! Shame on you 50 Cent.