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50 Cent Charged With Domestic Violence

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson has been charged with domestic violence and vandalism after an altercation with a former girlfriend.

50 Cent has landed himself in hot water after an altercation with a former girlfriend earlier this week.

People reports, Curtis Jackson, known commonly as rapper 50 Cent, has been charged with one misdemeanor count of domestic violence and four misdemeanor counts of vandalism.

According to LAPD officials, 37-year-old Jackson is accused of damaging some $7,100 worth of property inside the home of the alleged victim.

The woman is believed to be an ex-girlfriend of 50 Cent who he dated for three years and who also mother’s his child.

This domestic dispute is undoubtedly a setback for 50 Cent who has been recently public about his need for personal growth and change.

Last year, ABC News followed 50 Cent as he traveled to Somalia to discuss his humanitarian efforts. 50 Cent shared, “I want to be more, not just as an artist but as a person. My legacy… what’s left behind. This is the next chapter of my life. I don’t care if my audience is prepared to move forward with me. They may not necessarily be growing at the same pace.”

According to reports from People, if convicted, Jackson could face a maximum penalty of five years in jail in addition to a $46,000 fine.

Jackson is due in court to be arraigned on July 22.