5 Things We Learned About Nia Long from her ESSENCE Cover Story

In our April cover story, Nia Long talks about balancing her life as a working mom and shares some relatable stories about her life at home. Here are five things we learned about the Single Mom’s Club actress:

1. She is not a Hollywood Mom. “I’m not that movie-star mom who’s got a private chef, a nanny and a driver,” she tells ESSENCE. “My life is getting up and doing a bunch of things and then trying to get my s–t together after everybody is taken care of.”

2. She does her own deep cleaning—we’re talking about on your hands and knees with yellow gloves deep cleaning.

3. She only glams up for work and her man, “otherwise I’m like, Whatever,” she says.

4. She has dance-offs with her sons when they’re home alone. “I love when it’s just the three of us and no one can see how silly we’re acting. The preciousness of it all makes the tough days a little bit easier,” she says.

5. She once overslept and ran out of the house with her clothes inside out. “I don’t even know if I brushed my teeth,” she says. “That’s how late we were.”

Nia Long’s latest film, Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club, is in theaters today. Pick up the latest issue of ESSENCE to learn more about her!

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