Newlywed Sherri Shepherd is flying high these days. “The View” co-host just married the love of her life, Lamar Sally, in a gorgeous Chicago ceremony, and when it comes to her career, things couldn’t be better. Her fans will get a chance to share the joy of their big day on the Style Network special, “Wedding Fabulous: Sherri Shepherd Gets Married”, airing at 9:00 pm EDT tonight.

We adore Sherri’s positive outlook on life and love and were thrilled that she found time to tell us what her new life as a newlywed is like. Read on to find out what happened on her honeymoon, whose marriage she and Sal look up to, and why she loves her devoted fans.

ESSENCE: Did you have any bridezilla moments? Was your wedding all you’d dreamed it’d be?

SHERRI: I always saw people do these little bridal dances and that was a big deal for me so I told my bridal party I wanted to do a bridal party dance and they all laughed at me. But I swear to God they all flew in to L.A. and got together with me and worked for seven hours and rehearsed this dance. They even made a DVD so we could practice. We all went to St. Maarten and we did it out on the terrace where people were eating and it was so funny. It was the only bridezilla moment I had. We rehearsed one last time with Elizabeth and everybody’s just acting silly and I’m going off. This one can’t work with this one. This one wants to be partnered with this one. Sal’s not listening. I was like, “You guys, this is going to be viral and we don’t want to look fat and out of shape.” I was going off and I was so irritated. The more I was going off the more they were laughing at me. We got into that reception and I had my five-and-a-half-inch heels on and we pulled it together. I was so proud of them. They looked so great.

ESSENCE: What did you and Sal do on your honeymoon?
SHERRI: We went horseback riding on the beach and I don’t go horseback riding, so that was big for me. My horse kept going into the bushes and into trees. I kept going “Yaa, yaa!” Yaa don’t do nothing! That horse was looking at me like, ‘If you don’t shut up and let me eat this grass.’ So it really wasn’t much riding. All the horse wanted to do is stop and poop. It was not sexy. I tried to be sexy on the horse. Sal kept making his horse gallop. I don’t horseback ride! Then we went snorkeling. That was pretty cool because I don’t swim, so it was nice to try new things. Then Sal wanted to play around in the water. I’m over there snorkeling and Sal decides to pull his pants down. He goes, “Sherry, look there’s a water snake.” I’m breathing in all this water laughing at him. I can’t swim; he can’t be doing that to me.

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ESSENCE: Who are your marriage role models?
SHERRI: Wow! You know, Sal’s best friend Larry, who has been married for over ten years, and Larry’s parents, who have been married for 45 years. His mom is Mrs. Price. I love to call her and she gives me advice. I love people like that. My dad has been married to his wife for 15 years and wherever he goes there better be a seat for her. I like real couples that tell you how to get through on Wednesdays when you’re just at the end of your rope — the ones who really know how to make it through. We have to stop looking at Hollywood couples because you’re going to get disappointed. People smile but you never know what’s going on behind the smile.

ESSENCE: Is there a baby in the future for you and Sal?
SHERRI: We’re going to have to go the fertility route. We have an appointment with a fertility doctor in D.C. We’re trying to determine if we’re going to do it through a gestational carrier (surrogate) or if I’m going to carry the baby myself. Sal says I might be a little crazy to carry the baby for nine months and he has to deal with me. I said, ‘Well if you don’t mind my head spinning around 360 degrees we’ll be okay.’ Yes, a baby is in our immediate future — sooner rather than later!

ESSENCE: Your fan base is tremendous. What do your fans mean to you?
SHERRI: My fans mean everything to me – especially the sisters! When you’re on “The View” or you’re doing movies and stuff, you’re a little bit insulated. It means so much to me when a woman comes up to me and says, ‘Sherri, you said what I feel.’ That just means so much to me to know that I have that support. Sal says everybody hugs me. I love it when a woman hugs me. I love it when they say that I make them laugh because that means I’m doing what God called me to do. I love people. I love it when little old ladies come up and want to kiss me. It means so much to me that I get support and people know my heart. My fans know my heart and they get it.


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