To call Keke Palmer a renaissance woman would be an understatement. At only 17 years old, the starlet has launched a best-selling fashion line, recorded a hit single, and will star in hit shows “Degrassi” and “True Jackson, VP” this summer.

Keke sat down to chat with about her life in the limelight and what else she’s planning for fun in the coming months. KeKe, you’re starring in the season premiere of “Degrassi.” Tell us about the show. 
KEKE PALMER: “Degrassi” is a teen drama on Teen Nick. It’s like a teen soap opera because it’s very drama-filled. I’ve been a huge fan of the show for years. On the series, I have a connection with one of the main characters that people who are into the show will definitely be interested in seeing. Me and Sav have a little something going on… you have to watch and see! Ooh, we will definitely tune in to see what goes down! In “Degrassi” you’re playing yourself. What will that be like?
KEKE: It was very weird to think about me playing myself, so I tried not to think about it too much. I said to myself, ‘Just think about the end goal and being you.’ So I just tried to be relaxed and just do it. Speaking of being relaxed, you’ve done so much at such a young age. How do you manage to do it all?
KEKE: Thank you. It’s due to my family, upbringing and the foundation that my parents laid for me before I even started acting. I was blessed to have good parents and good faith installed in me at a young age. I also pray, continue to work hard and stay focused. You also have an hour-long “True Jackson, VP” movie special coming up in late August. How excited are you about that?
KEKE: I’m so excited! This special is one of the funniest episodes I’ve ever done and it’s action-packed. Action-packed seems to sum up your life right now! You also have a birthday coming up. What do you want to do just for fun this summer?
KEKE: I’ve been going to the beach a lot and just hanging out with friends. As far as my birthday, I would love to have a party. But I’m really excited about our family reunion trip in August. I miss my family so much and I get to back to Chicago to see everyone.

You can catch Keke in the season premiere of “Degrassi” tonight on Teen Nick at 9p.m. ET. 

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