5 ‘Basketball Wives’ Friendship Fouls

1. Never mess with a friend’s ex without a heads up!

When Royce took a business meeting with Jen’s soon-to-be ex husband Eric Williams and didn’t mention it she crossed a line. Whether Jen was happy about the news or not, she still deserved a heads up from her supposed friend. Speak up about things before they become awkward.

2. Stay out of the middle lane.

Suzie wants to please everyone in her circle and avoid the drama at all costs. To keep everyone happy she often plays both sides of an argument hoping not to get caught in the middle.By passing messages between Meeka and Tami instead of encouraging them to sit down and talk it out amongst themselves Suzie only made matters worse. If she’s not careful she’ll be known as a trader and a loud mouth – neither of which quality make her a trustworthy friend.

3. Behave like ladies in public.

While on vacation in Italy Meeka and Tami fought every chance they got. This meant participating in screaming matches in the middle of ritzy five star restaurants and having an all out brawl – complete with accidental indecent exposure and weave pulling — inside an Italian bar while onlookers watched in horror. There’s nothing ladylike about airing your dirty laundry for all to see. It’s mortifying and you’re far more likely to not want to forgive the other for what was said or done.

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4. Don’t talk trash about her guy.

If you have something to say about a good friend’s guy, say it to her face not behind her back. When Jen went on the radio and bad-mouthed Evelyn’s fiancé during an interview she wasn’t thinking about how much it might hurt or embarrass her best friend.She was so distracted by her own feelings about Chad that she completely forgot to consider what Evelyn might be feeling and it almost cost them their friendship.

5. Never mix oil and water.

Although Meeka and Tami clearly could not get along, Shaunie still insisted on inviting them both on their big trip to Italy. Disaster was imminent. Meeka and Tami were forced to be around each other during moments they’d normally not have been and the tension between them kept brewing. If two people are better off kept apart, don’t try to mix them. Sometimes a little space is best for everyone.

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