You know that crazy morning rush when you’re trying to find an outfit but your closet looks like an episode of Hoarders. It takes discipline to stay clutter-free and resist those oh-so-handy dry cleaner wire hangers. Yet, according to closet connoisseur, Taryn Smith, a beautifully edited closet not only keeps your clothes looking their best, it encourages you to conquer clutter. Here are her seven tips for upgrading your closet like a pro.

1. Use velvet hangers in a neutral color
Because plastic and wire hangers can damage clothing Smith recommends velvet hangers for their durability and design. Their super slim size allows you to hang more items on the rod while maximizing on style and space. Choose one neutral hanger color to “create a silhouette where the focal point is nothing but the clothing,” says Smith.

2. Organize with see-through closet accessories
Whether it’s a drawer system or plastic shoeboxes, see-through closet accessories are a stylish and practical storage alternative for shoes and staples like t-shirts, scarves and underwear. “You want to be able to see everything that’s in your current rotation,” Smith says. “If you don’t see it, chances are you won’t wear it.”

3. Be creative with your storage ideas
When it comes to storage options don’t be afraid to play. Consider colorful canvas or nylon drawers to store belts, socks and underwear. Smith uses a brass statue to store her rings and earrings and antique boxes and jars to store accessories.

4. Give your designer pieces the VIP treatment

Love that fresh-from-the-dry-cleaner feeling? Your fabulous designer duds might not. Plastic bags are a magnet for moisture, which can eventually damage your clothing. Always remove your delicates from dry-cleaning bags and place them in breathable garment bags to keep them fresh and protected, says Smith. You’ll preserve that newly dry-cleaned feeling and stay wrinkle-free.

5. So fresh and so clean
A beautiful scent deodorizes your clothes and gives your closet that extra burst of freshness. Opt for a room spray or satchel similar to your personal perfume, advises Smith. “A smell that complements your everyday fragrance is best.”

6. Your closet, your style
You can elevate your closet into your personal glam suite by incorporating accents like fresh flowers, scented candles or vintage wallpaper. “You want to open your closet door and be excited,” says Smith, whose current favorite closet upgrades are light bulb covers, which “add that little bit of pretty.”

7. Divide clothing into categories
Separating and storing your clothes in categories like ‘casual’, ‘work’ and ‘going-out’ makes it easy to locate them. Color coordination is also important for streamlining, says Smith. “It’s about creating a system that makes sense to you,” she adds.

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