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10 Things You'd Like to Make Happen in Your Lifetime: Share your list with ESSENCE!


Do you keep a “life list” or a “bucket list” of special achievements and experiences you’d like to have at least once before you die? Share your story with us at cmcintosh@essence.com!

Maybe your top goal is to lose weight, start your own business, try skydiving or visit the pyramids in Egypt. Your goal may be serious or purely self-indulgent. Tell us which goal(s) you’ve accomplished so far and what it’s meant to you. Tell us which goal you’re working toward now. Let us know which dream you’ve been pursuing the longest, or which you were able to cross off on a whim. Don’t forget to include your name, age, city, email address and phone number so that we can contact you.

Got pictures of you whitewater rafting in South Africa, receiving that diploma, building your dream house or wearing those jeans that hadn’t fit you since college? Send them!

You might be chosen to appear in an upcoming issue of ESSENCE!