Candidate name: Yvonne Hinson State: Florida Bio: Born in Gainesville, Florida, Yvonne Hinson has spent her life preparing the next generation of leaders. A dedicated educator, Hinson worked as both a teacher and principal, before getting bit by the political bug during Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign. After volunteering with the Obama ‘08 campaign, Hinson went on to serve as the membership chair of the Alachua County, Florida Democratic Executive Committee, the finance chair of the Gainesville Housing Authority Governing Board, and as a board member of the Alachua County Branch N.A.A.C.P. In 2012, Hinson was elected to the Gainesville City Commission, where she held office until 2015. This November she is hoping to unseat Republican incumbent Rep. Ted Yoho and put an end to the divisive political rhetoric plaguing the country. “I believe I am an expert in collaboration,” she said during a Q&A with a local radio station. “I want to take collaboration to Congress to try to unite the people there instead of divide us, and make America a place where we can all be proud of America again.” For more information: Website Twitter Facebook