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Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Democratic Candidate U.S. House District of Columbia At-large District

Candidate name: Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton State: District of Columbia Bio: Eleanor Holmes Norton is hoping that this election season, the residents of Washington, D.C. will give her another 2-year term to improve their lives and advoate for D.C. statehood. Norton, a D.C. native, was was first elected in 1990, and has largely gone uncontested in her previous representative bids. Norton’s main goal has always been statehood for D.C., and in 1993, she created the “New Columbia Admission Act,” which was defeated. And she was handed a similar defeat in 2007 with her “District of Columbia House Voting Rights Act of 2007”. In 2014, Horton also rallied behind the decriminalization of marijuana stating, “The city’s marijuana decriminalization legislation is a responsible, but modest, response to an alarming report showing that African Americans are eight times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than whites in the District of Columbia. Each jurisdiction in our country must respond to local issues, which, in the case of many marijuana possession arrests, have ruined the lives of countless African Americans across the nation.” For more information: