Candidate name: Liz Matory State: Maryland Bio: Only one Black Republican woman—Rep. Mia Love from Utah—has ever been elected to Congress. But if Liz Matory has her way, she’ll join the ranks. Matory—a small-business owner educated at Columbia University, Howard University and the University of Maryland—is running to unseat a longtime Democratic  incumbent. A onetime Democrat herself (she ran unsuccessfully for Congress under the party’s banner in 2016), Matory detailed her political journey in her self-published book, Born Again Republican. Matory, who is from a multicultural background (her mother was born in the Philippines; her late father was Black) and has multiple veterans in her family, says that her upbringing and Christian faith fueled a desire to serve her community and country. She has expressed support for the Second Amendment right to bear arms and said that the Affordable Care Act “destroyed health care through the intense lobby of the health insurance industry and other special interests.” Although she voted for Donald Trump, she doesn’t “agree with everything” his administration has done. Her endorsements include National Right to Life. For more information: TOPICS: