Candidate name: Kimberly Fobbs State: Oklahoma Bio: Kimberly Fobbs, chair of the Tulsa County Democratic Party, was a “why child,” questioning why things work the way they do and why certain people are more affected by issues than others. That curiosity and concern for community eventually led her into politics. In 2006, after a 16-year career with Metropolitan Life Insurance, Fobbs was a candidate for the Oklahoma House of Representatives. Fobbs wrote on her website: “I learned the terms and conditions of how policies worked for the insured, so that the terms and conditions could be explained. Learning every aspect of life insurance, annuities, death claims, dental, health and more, was my job but it was my passion to make sure the consumer wouldn’t be confused about their purchases, payouts, premiums and their rights if they were mistreated.” Fobbs has taken that same “people first” approach in all aspects of her life. She volunteers to coach boys’ and girls’ basketball in her community, does fundraising for the United Way, and speaks to women about how to achieve their dreams and support their families. For more information:
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