Name: Janice Laws State: Georgia Bio: A proud immigrant who came to the U.S. from Jamaica as a teen, Janice Laws later became a U.S. citizen. Today the single mother of two daughters is an entrepreneur, award-winning insurance professional and published author. Laws’s leadership track record includes owning and managing her own insurance agency. As the founder of Total Life Empowerment, Laws mentors aspiring entrepreneurs and agents, helping them to develop skills essential to achieving their goals. “I will put consumers first,” she wrote on her website. “Far too often, the needs of everyday Georgians go unmet to protect the interest of insurance companies. I know, because I have led a successful career in the insurance industry for nearly two decades. Over the past 16 years, as an insurance agency owner, I served countless Georgians, helping them to protect and rebuild their lives. I have a deep understanding of the insurance industry … what’s broken and how to fix it. Your family is my fight and I will ensure that insurance companies are accountable to Georgians.” For more information: