Yoni Power! Vagina Love, Healing and Pampering 101
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Every week, on my Intimacy Intervention column we talk about your dilemmas. Now we are going deeper. The thought of Yoni Power may make you giggle but our sacred yonis go through so much. This is a very important conversation.  

Meet Tracey R. Bryant, sexual empowerment coach, womb health educator and founder of Sensual Honey Feminine Wellness. Tracey is known as the Yoni Alchemist, so it makes perfect sense that she is the creator of Sensual Honey Sweet Yoni Tea. Her company is also known for Yoni Steaming and the Honey Luv Romance and Pleasure Parties.

How do you describe the yoni?

The Yoni is the vagina, womb and full reproductive area. Yoni is an ancient Sanskrit word known for the vagina as the divine opening and sacred temple. I love the word. I also love the word punany. I love the way it flows off my lips.

Well, Tracey, you have an intimate connection with other women’s yonis. Your company provides Yoni Steams and steaming herbs, and you are the creator of Sweet Yoni Tea. What is true vagina power?

True vagina power is owning it! Owning your walk, your talk and your sass underneath that dress. Having confidence in your vagina and your womanhood. Each vagina has it’s own personality and character. For example, my vagina doesn’t like scented feminine products. She burns and itches if I even think about those chemicals. She loves leafy greens, fruits, and nice, long baths. She likes for me to massage her with olive oil and a drop of tea tree oil.


Vagina power is not being afraid of the word vagina. It’s being willing to take a mirror and look at her. Talk to her and tell her how magnificent, juicy and delicious she is. Holding her in high regard as she works magic, honey!

Yes! We can’t have a discussion on healing without discussing trauma. This is an extremely taboo topic in general, but particularly among people of African descent. Please talk about yoni and womb trauma.

Many of us have experienced womb trauma through sexual abuse, molestation, incest, and rape. It’s been reported by the New York Times that nearly 1 out of every 5 women have been sexually assaulted. Our womb supports our fertility. It houses our creativity and our intuition. When a girl or woman has been sexually violated this disturbs, disrupts and often times blocks her natural and healthy birth rhythms, and her fertile creative center. When I say birth and fertility I’m not just speaking of babies. I’m talking about the ability to birth our visions, focus on our ideas, manifest what we desire on many different levels, and create and recreate our best selves. Our ability to love ourselves fully without shame and guilt has been tainted and poisoned due to sexual trauma. Our ancestral womb trauma is a part of our unhealthy sexual identity because many of our mothers have experienced sexual abuse, too. My business deals with personal and ancestral sexual trauma that has been passed down through our cellular memory from our mothers too. I call it soul work.

Very important. Let’s go deeper into that soul work. I have Yoni Steaming on my calendar. Your company is well known for this powerful process. Can you please explain the procedure and benefits of having a Vaginal Steam Bath?

Yoni Steaming provides a warm herbal steam infusion through the vaginal canal, cervix, womb (uterus), fallopian tubes, ovaries and rectum to fortify, cleanse, detox, strengthen, tone and promote healing and bring balance to the reproductive organs. It helps with the relief of irregular menses, fibroids, womb trauma, infertility, cysts, emotional, hormonal, and spiritual imbalances and more. Women participating in this Vaginal Steam Bath immediately feel relaxed and rejuvenated. It’s safe, relaxing and tranquil. It’s self love at its best.

Indeed. I also consider self-pleasure to be the healing touch. I have recommended self-pleasure aka masturbation to readers through my Intimacy Intervention column. How can self-touch help with intimate issues?
Masturbation helps with self pleasure, self love and self acceptance. When you are comfortable with yourself and accept yourself and your pleasure, you are open for healing, love and growth. You learn who you are on a very intimate level.

It helps in knowing what you desire and transmuting sexual energy which is creative energy into your daily life. It also helps with releasing shame, guilt and messaging that keeps you from fully being alive and feeling the presence of your orgasmic sensation, which is one the highest form of worship.
My latest necessary indulgence is your yoni tea. I even included it in my Sacred Bombshell Womb Chakra Bliss Kit. What exactly is your special yoni tea?

Our Sensual Honey Sweet Yoni Tea is made with 100% organic ingredients. It’s created with love, health, wellness and pleasure in mind. The tea is chock full of pineapples, kiwi, and cranberries to add sweetness to your vaginal smell and taste. We’ve also added sexual enhancement herbs to increase sexual libido. The healing herbs are to tone the womb, and help to alleviate menstrual cramping, create healthy flora, increase lubrication, and balance your hormones.
When you drink this tea your lover will be inspired to kiss you down low because your natural juices smell so good and taste sweet. It’s not intended for women who are pregnant. However, it’s great for women who are breast feeding, and for women experiencing menopausal symptoms.  I’m very happy about the product and so far women and men are too!

We love it! Of course, this conversation is for informational purposes only and everyone should check with their personal healthcare provider to know what’s best for them. How do your yoni healing practices help with fibroids, endometriosis, infertility and other conditions that women of color deal with in silence?

In the CARDIA Study in the Journal of The National Library of Medicine, Black women demonstrate greater odds of hysterectomy, fibroids and ovarian issues. Much of this comes from not giving our wombs and vaginas any real attention. We have been taught to only be attentive when we are menstruating, pregnant, having sex or in pain.

We have not connected with our wombs on an intimate and personal level. She’s crying. She’s angry and she’s hurt, and it’s coming out thorough fibroids, cyst, endometriosis, discharge, bloating, cramping, painful menstruation, and other womb ailments. Yoni Steaming and the programs and services I provide helps with the relief of irregular menses, fibroids, womb trauma, infertility, cysts, emotional, hormonal, and spiritual imbalances and so much more.

We can break the silence of sexual trauma, abuse and unhealthy womb conditions that affect our day to day lives and our love relationship with ourselves and others. We deserve to live healthy, happy and free, and our wombs, vaginal health, and hearts are such a big part of this process.

Abiola: Yes, yoni power! This has been such a sacred and healing conversation. What are your current products and services, Ms. Yoni Alchemist?

Honey Luv Romance and Pleasure Parties is a sensual and sexual empowerment online boutique for women and the men that love us. We provide romance enhancement products and bedroom sexcessories to stimulate any fun loving occasion.  At Sensual Honey Feminine Wellness we provide ancient herbal vaginal steaming, products, and programs for detoxification for womb health, feminine wellness Yoni rejuvenation, holistic healing, and feminine sensual awakening. Our products include Sensual Honey Sweet Yoni Steam Herbal Blend. Our Sensual Honey Sweet Yoni Tea is made with 100% organic ingredients. Learn more here.

Abiola Abrams is the author of the award-winning Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love, Manifest Your Miracles meditation album and African Goddess Affirmation Cards. The popular lifestyle guru is also the founder of the Sacred Bombshell Self-Care Kits, blog, web TV show, and online academy at SacredBombshell.com. Follow her on Twitter to continue the discussion about this week’s hot topic, and then email her your burning questions now. Anything you send will be posted anonymously, promise.


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