Ok, Wiz and Winnie, we need answers! 

Rapper Wiz Khalifa and model Winnie Harlow have been quite cozy over the past several weeks and were spotted out together on several occasions. Since both Winnie and Wiz are currently single, fans have been questioning their relationship with one another and Wiz Khalifa may have just given them some answers!

Wiz recently posted to Instagram this photo of the two in which Winnie is seated quite cozy on his lap. By simply looking at the photo it appears the two are a happy couple and the caption hints at a possible relationship as well. Wiz captioned the photo :


But the photo alone doesn’t quite clear things up just yet for fans. Just a couple days before the photo was posted, Wiz appeared on The Breakfast Club for an interview during which he clearly stated the two were just friends. When Angela Yee questioned if Winnie was, in fact, his girlfriend, he basically said no.

“That’s my homegirl, she’s super sweet,” Wiz expressed. 

Tons of fans seem to be confused and many are even rooting for the possibility of a relationship brewing between the pair. In fact, Amber Rose, Wiz’s ex-wife and the mother of their young son, even stepped in and gave her stamp of approval when she commented on another photo of the two, sharing:

“Wait. Winnie Harlow as Sebastian’s stepmom?!?!? #LitAF,” said Amber.

We’ll have to wait and see where this love goes, but as of now, Wiz has stated they are not an item. 

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