It’s time to bring your tea cups to the red table once again. We all know Jada and Will Smith are the epitome of relationship goals; from their thriving careers to their beautiful children and adorable PDA. While they may have gotten it right over their 20 year marriage, like most of us, their road to happiness in their relationship was still bumpy. In the return episode of season 1 of Pinkett-Smith’s Facebook Live Red Table Talk yesterday, The Smiths got candid about the early stages of their love story. Initially noticing Jada from a ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ audition, Will recalls feeling an “instant chemistry” from day one. Once he realized he might’ve just found his soulmate, Will then asked his former co-star and friend of Jada, Alfonso Ribeiro to set up their initial meeting. While on the set of A Different World where Will planned to officially meet Jada for the first time, somehow he ended up meeting fellow actress Sheree Zampino instead, which change the trajectory of his life at the time. Instead of meeting Jada, Will’s meeting with Sheree lead to a connection and later to marriage followed by the welcoming of their son together, Trey.
While they had a beautiful love affair, that love was short-lived after only three years. Both Sheree and Will knew they made a mistake and a marriage between the them wouldn’t last. Although Will vowed to never get divorced, Sheree insisted it was their only choice because she no longer wanted to be with him. Will recalls her blatantly saying, “So you’re going to make somebody stay with you who doesn’t love you?” That was all Will says he needed to hear to agree to the divorce. Minutes after signing the divorce papers, Will remembered the chemistry him and Jada once shared, and he knew the woman he was meant to be with, was just a phone call away. As Will walked out of the room, he called up his now wife Jada saying, “Hey, what’s up? It’s Will, you seeing anyone?” She replied “‘Uh, no,’ followed by Will’s confident response of “Cool, you’re seeing me now. “ And the rest, as we all know, is history!