For the record, Brandy is doing really, really well and she’s ready to tell the world about it now that’s she’s back with her seventh studio album (receipts!) and a renewed love of self.

The best part? She’s sharing notes from her journey with her loyal fans.

Her new album B7, out today, is a love letter to her highest self, she says on the latest episode of ESSENCE’s two-time Webby-nominated podcast Yes, Girl!, and the singer, 41, isn’t holding back about her own past experiences with the pursuit of love.

For starters, Brandy has learned the power of setting boundaries to protect her heart.

“I’ve learned boundaries for myself. I’ve learned how to take care of myself,” shares the singer. “I learned that self-love is really what I’ve been looking for all my life, and I’ve looked for it in the wrong places.”

Fans have always appreciated Brandy’s realness when it comes to matters of the heart and she isn’t about to stop telling her truth now. “You can’t love anybody unless you love yourself,” she continues. “I’ve really learned that the hard way. I have a love for myself now, to the point, I don’t want to see nobody else right now. I’m not trying to go down that road. I don’t want nobody having my phone number. I don’t want to go out on a date. I’m really good. I’m really good.”

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Despite the singer’s romantic ups and downs over the years, including her 2012 split from then-fiancé Ryan Press, she remains optimistic about her future and focused on her number one role in life—motherhood—with a little encouragement from her own mom, Sonja B. Norwood. “My mom always says, ‘God is going to bless you. Somebody going to pop up and you’re going to be like [gasp!].’ I’m like, I’m open to what God has for me, my eyes are not open to anyone right now. I’m just staying focused on me and my daughter.”

We hear you, sis!

Brandy’s daughter, Sy’rai Iman Smith, whom she shares with ex Robert Anthony Smith, just turned 18 this June.


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