10 Reasons We Can’t Get Enough Of Our Men

Wanna Be Loved

When we asked our Facebook girlfriends about the things their guys do in bed that make them swoon, we expected things to get a little racy. However, what we found was, for the most part, while the heavy thrusting and tight squeezing might get us to the big “O,” it’s the gentle touches and tender kisses that are most memorable. Here’s what you said you can’t get enough of from your men…

Kiss Me All Over

DelSandra: “Gentle kisses everywhere!”

Hey Sexy Lady

Sodet: “He tells me how sexy I am.”

Rub Down

Monique: [I like it] when he takes his time to gently rub and massage my neck down to my lower back.”

Hold Me Closer

Azeudee: “[I can’t get enough of him] holding me. I could do it forever. The security I feel is just overwhelming — especially with a brother who smells good and is in shape. I just want to be wrapped up in his arms.”

Lip Love

T: “Everything he does just lights my fire! I love the feeling of his lips on my neck and breasts. …It is who he is completely and he connection that we have that makes it great.”

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Playing Footsie

Frankie: “He rubs and massages my feet without being asked.”

Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

Inez: “I just can’t get enough of my sweety’s foreplay! I love it!”

Bring it Back

Alesia: “[I love it when] he hugs me from the back and I can feel his manhood against my butt.”

Let Me Do It

Trina: “It’s what he allows me to do to him that has got me going crazy. …I always try to come up with something new and he always tries it.”

In His Arms

Key Sha: “It may not be sexy, but I love when my man wraps his arms around me while we sleep. It makes me feel safe and loved.”