Do you know what turns your man on? After a group of forthcoming women told us what gets them hot last week, we thought we should ask the men about the things that women do that get them in gear every time. For some it’s a little love bite or a kiss in an unexpected place. For others it’s role reversal. And some men like to be teased. See what our guys said about their biggest turn-ons, and then pick up a few pointers from a few well-equipped girls. Take these tips home and drive him wild tonight. Here’s what they said: Brad, 36: “I like to have my nipple kissed. I tell women, ‘Kiss my nipple!’ You gotta tell them what you like. I also like a little back rub. It makes me feel comfortable. If a girl does that to me, she’s golden.” Massage Tip from her: Staci, 31: “I like to give massages. I leave my massage oil next to the bed at all times. When my man comes home, I lay him on the bed and I say, ‘Turn around.’ I go deep into his back with my hands. Then I go under his legs and rub his upper thighs. Then I rub the oil all over my chest and I slip and slide along his back so he can feel my breasts. Then I say, ‘Turn over,’ and I rub his shoulders, arms and hands. I don’t kiss him yet. I keep hm waiting. I go downtown for a little but. Once I’m done, only then do I kiss him. He’s all riled up and ready to go by then. (laughs.)” Nick, 27:  “I’m a big touch person. I like it when she comes up behind me and puts her arms around me. It tells me that she’s right there and she wants to keep touching me. I also like being kissed from my arm up to my lips. When someone takes 30 kisses to get to your lips, there’s something in the anticipation of knowing what’s coming and waiting for it. And I always love when girls wear my clothes. I’m not that into lacey things, but a girl in my t-shirt and underwear is hot!”   Parris, 25: “I like nibbles – on the ears especially. There’s something about that physical, affectionate and passionate move that just works! Maybe it’s in our hard wiring. Who knows? It just feels great!” Jorje, 32: “When a girl props her butt and wiggles it at me coyly all of my defenses just melt right there. It’s somewhere between, ‘oops, you still may not get this,’ and ‘grr come and get me.’ Game over.” Her tips on teasing him Laura, 28: “I’m a big tease. I like to turn a guy on by trying his patience (laughs). My boyfriend loves it when I crawl across the floor in front of him with my butt slightly higher than my shoulders. I turn around and make sly, sexy faces at him, and maybe bite my bottom lip a little bit. When he gets too close and tries to touch me, I push him away and giggle devilishly. Once I let him get a hold of me, he’s all over me and does not let go.” Jaison, 37:  It’s the little things that spark my interest. I think its purely amazing and sexy to see my girl lounging around the apartment in the deviously short shorts, accompanied by a cute little fitted tank top right before bed, so I know the contacts are out and the Pradas are on. Glasses just intensify this spark. We could be laying on the couch, getting in a few pages of a book, or maybe a few minutes of TV before retiring for the night, her soft skin brushing against mine, that gentle scent that she distributes, its like a trademark. In all honesty, her preparation for bed is the prelude to a night of activity and she just doesn’t know it. I guess that the cool part about it — the realness, it seems as though she doesn’t know how much that turns me on. But then again she’s a girl, so maybe she does.” Mike, 30: “Stimulating conversation turns me on. I like it when a woman can talk tastefully naughty. Saying something sensual, paying me a compliment. Once my girlfriend said she wanted me to put it in her mouth. It wasn’t what she said, but how she said it that turned me on.” She says get a head start on the dirty talk Nette, 34: “I love talking dirty to my husband. Sometimes I get the party started early by leaving naughty voice messages on his cell phone. By the time he comes home he’s been anticipating all of the things I’m going to do to him for hours. I keep up the wordplay while we get it on of course.”