What Raheem DeVaughn Learned About Soul Mates From Past Relationships
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Raheem DeVaughn knows a thing or two about a love connection. He’s spent years developing bodies of music that have literally celebrated and created this thing called love. So naturally, as he prepares to release his upcoming album Decade of A Love King, which dropped on October 19, the singer is reflective on his growth as a man, and in love. Over the years the D.C. native has gone through a lot of changes, individually and in relationships, something he feels many men fear. But according to DeVaughn, it’s the requirement of change in a relationship, that will help men grow into their greater selves.
“As men a lot of times we may talk about our relationships amongst each other, just like women do, and say ‘Man I really love old girl, I really like her, but she’s always trying to change me.’ The conclusion that I’ve had in my enlightening, in my perception of what love is now is that if that person that you’re taking a personal interest in is not challenging you to be greater, which change is involved in being greater. If ya’ll not doing that for each other, and that’s not the energy you’re giving each other, offering each other, then most likely you’re in what me and my homies call a ‘long term breakup.’ Because the people or situation that’s requiring you to change, that’s typically what you need, but a lot of time we’re too consumed by what we want.” DeVaughn shared that he believes many of us have the concept of soulmates all wrong.  After years of dating and relationships, on thing the crooner has learned he desires from his Woman, is not a soulmate, but a best friend and life partner. “I believe there’s two terms: soulmates and life partners. I don’t believe that soulmates are the person you’re supposed to be with. The person you’re supposed to be with is the life partner, and as crazy as it sounds, the soulmate prepares you for the life partner. The person that I want to grow old and grey with, for real, I just want to be my best friend.” Sounds like we can all learn a thing or two from the Love King. 


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