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This Bride's Body Positive Story About Her Facial Birthmark Continues To Inspire

This Bride’s Body Positive Story About Her Facial Birthmark Continues To Inspire
For 30 years, Ferrin Roy has lived with her four inch large birthmark on her right cheek. The Louisiana native has learned to embrace her unique birthmark by refusing to cover it up with makeup and she kept true to this tradition even on her wedding day. “I completely embrace my birthmark,” she shared with Daily Mail. “I never covered it and never will. My birthmark is not only raising awareness but it’s helping others embrace their uniqueness.” On August 14, 2016, Ferrin stood before 120 guests and proudly displayed her birthmark as she exchanged her wedding vows. She shared with ABC News that she met her husband Shavayne on Instagram and he proposed just four-months later. One thing she loves is when her husband kisses her birthmark. Two months ago Ferrin and Shavayne celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary, but her story of body positivity continues to inspire others. The mental health counselor recently published a book on her body positive journey,  The Mark She Kept: A Woman’s Journey to Living Her Purpose Courageously! Despite the stares, suggestions to remove it or people even asking to touch her congenital nevus, she’s embracing her uniqueness. Ferrin told the Daily Mail, “My advice is to focus on self-love instead of searching for love from others. Once you accept who you are, others will have no choice but to accept you.”