When we talk to a new wife for our Bridal Bliss features, she usually tells us that she wanted to marry her new spouse because he just made her feel comfortable or because he had the same goals as her. We’ve never heard any of them say, “I just didn’t want to be single anymore and he asked so I said yes,” or “Well, he’s loaded and my main objective was to marry a rich man,” or even, “I got pregnant and our family said we had to get married.” Of course, who would get married for those reasons? Right?

Well, just in case you’re considering walking down the aisle for a reason other than, “I love this man with all my heart and soul and want to build a life with him,” maybe you ought to check out Yahoo Shine‘s “11 Worst Reason’s to Get Married.” Some of the reasons on the list–like “it seemed like the next logical step,” or “figured I could make it work”–seem, well, reasonable, but in the end they can lead to a lot of pain.

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