Bridal Bliss: NBC News NOW Anchor Morgan Radford Wed David Williams In A Stunning Celebration In Colombia
Marissa Joy Daly / Marissa Joy Photography

There are songs that describe the types of love that people would cross oceans and walk a thousand miles for, but rarely do you actually find people who will travel near and far to secure the kind that, cliché as it may sound, goes the distance. For David Williams, ever since he met NBC News NOW anchor Morgan Radford in a dining hall at Harvard in 2006, he knew she was special and pursued her with that in mind.

“We met in the Eliot House dining hall at Harvard University in 2006 when David was a senior and I was a sophomore. He asked to interview me for his senior college paper – a move, in retrospect, that was smoother than he gave himself credit for at the time,” she tells ESSENCE. That move would spark a significant friendship between the pair, but initially, nothing more because David had at one time dated one of her college friends. They stayed in touch after graduating and would connect far from their Cambridge, Massachusetts beginnings. David would meet up with her in locations, including South Africa, Detroit and New York City, when their work and travels would bring them to the same places. It wasn’t until 2017 though, in London, that Morgan stopped looking at him as a friend.

“In 2017, a mutual friend invited us both to attend a conference hosted by the Academy of Achievement at Claridge’s Hotel in London. David, then based in Detroit, realized this might be his last opportunity to elevate our friendship to something more,” Morgan recalls. “When I saw David at the conference, I called one of my closest friends back in the U.S. and told her that ‘David, my old friend from college,’ was all of a sudden looking like a ‘snack.'”

The two spent the week hanging out together in London, checking out lectures, and “sharing fish and chips.” It got real romantic.

“On the last day before the conference concluded, we shared our first kiss,” she adds. “When seeing me off to [my] cab to the airport, David asked me if I would be in New York in two weeks. Surprised, I asked if he had plans to be in the city at that time.  He told me that if I said ‘yes,’ he would.  He kept that promise – and every one he has ever made since.” 

The friendship finally sprouted into love after that, and by 2019, David was ready to make things official. He asked for her hand in marriage in front of both of their families on Thanksgiving. And while the pair planned to wed in May of 2020, COVID rearranged their plans. Two years after he proposed, the couple made it down the aisle on January 8, 2022. And in true Morgan and David fashion, the Harlem residents were in a foreign place. They had vaccinated and tested guests meet them in Cartagena, Colombia where they said “I do,” safely, in the great outdoors. After the delays, cancellations and changed venues, they became husband and wife. “It was a long time coming,” Morgan says — and certainly worth the wait.

See a few photos from the couple’s big day, find out how they were able to honor their unique cultures and hear more of their love story — including what the future holds for them, in this week’s Bridal Bliss.


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