Bride: Monica Reed, 38 Groom: Anthony Richardson, 30 Occupations: Monica — Accountant; Anthony — IT Specialist Hometown: Dallas, Texas Wedding Location: Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, Fort Worth Texas Wedding Date: September 4, 2010 Church Friends: Monica met Anthony during the New Year’s Eve service at her local church. He sat next to her and the two just started chatting. They hit it off instantly. “It ended up being a really good friendship,” Monica recalls. “We talked to each other at church and from time to time we would talk on the phone. Then we would kind of kid with each other about a relationship. Change the Game: Then one day Anthony called Monica and their friendly conversations got a little extra familiar. He asked her how she would feel about taking things to another level and then set up a lunch date at Le Madeline. After spending time together for some time, Anthony asked Monica to be his girlfriend on March 21, 2008. Rise and Shine: When Anthony was ready to propose to Monica, he wanted to make sure he caught her off-guard. So, he crept into her place while she was fast asleep. “I showed up at her place at 3 in the morning while she was asleep with the pajamas and the head scarf and surprised her like that,” Anthony says. While Monica slept, Anthony slipped the ring onto her finger. “I woke up and I looked at my hand and I thought, ‘Am I looking at a ring?'” Monica remembers. “I pushed him and I was like, ‘Anthony are you serious?’ Then he told me how much he cared about me and got down on bended knee and asked me to marry him. At first I couldn’t believe what was going on. Then I just laughed a lot. I was just so happy.”