Bride: Janice Ebie, 27 Groom: Dami Koleowo, 31 Occupations: Ebie — Human Relations Generalist; Koleowo — Auditor for KPMG Home States: Texas & New Jersey Wedding Location: Marriott Houston Westchase, Houston, Texas Wedding Date: October 10, 2009 Love Is In Your Inbox Janice caught Dami’s eye a few times when they met at a mutual friend’s graduation party in Houston, Texas. He took his time approaching her, waiting months before he actually sent her an e-mail to say hey. “I didn’t know who he was at first,” Janice remembers. “I asked my sister and she told me. I e-mailed him back and we chitchatted for a couple of months via e-mail. At the time, I just thought he would be my good guy friend because I really wasn’t looking to date anybody.” A few more months went by and the two began chatting on the phone. A couple months later, Dami was on a plane headed to Texas from New Jersey to visit his wife-to-be.  The list “I created this list of everything that I always wanted in a guy and I would look over it from time to time,” Janice explains. “I started realizing that I really liked Dami and I prayed about it. I was cleaning my room one day and I found my list. I looked at it and I was like, “Oh my gosh! This guy is everything I’ve been looking for.” Customary Couple Janice and Dami are both Nigerian. In their culture, the groom must bring along men in his family to formally ask the bride’s parents for their daughter’s hand in marriage. “He couldn’t just come to my house and tell my parents he wanted to marry me,” Janice explains. “He had to come with some older cousins or brothers or family. Then some of my uncles tell my father that he wants his permission to marry me. They call me and ask me, ‘Do you know this guy?’ and I say ‘Yes.’ and then they give their permission.” Sacred Numbers: Janice and Dami combined the days of the month that they were born in order to pick their wedding date. Janice’s birthday falls on April 7 and Dami’s falls on October 3, so the couple chose 10/10/09 for their big day.  Dami went one step further with the couple’s lucky numbers and engraved 3 and 7 inside Janice’s engagement ring.  Share their love.