For most brides-to-be, the idea of writing wedding vows can be overwhelming. It’s the moment you publicly express your devotion to that special someone and you want every word to come out just right. But, the minute you lighten up about the process, it will transform from a task on your to-do list to an exciting journey. Here are our tips to penning the perfect ode to your relationship. Get In Sync With Your Spouse Even if you decide to write your vows separately, as a couple, you should be on the same page about your approach and expectations. Strolling down memory lane and brainstorming together won’t spoil what you’re looking forward to hearing on the big day. Revisit Your Roots Pull out that shoebox full of movie ticket stubs, love letters and photos. This is your chance to fall in love all over again and remember the milestones. These intricate details will make great anecdotes for your vows. Connect With Family and Friends Bridal magazines and wedding planners are helpful for ideas, but you’re surrounded by the best resources–your loved ones! Find out what they included in theirs and get an outside perspective on your relationship. Ask fun questions like, “How did you know he was the one?” Talk To Your Wedding Minister If you’re unsure about the best approach, chat with the minister that will be guiding you through the ceremony. Chances are, they’ve heard tons of vows and can help provide some insight into what makes a memorable exchange. Make A Timeline You’re already in planning mode, so set a deadline to have your vows complete. Whether it’s with your morning coffee or before bed, create a ritual that allows you to focus on writing. Set The Tone Think about the dynamic of your relationship and the kind of couple you are. Do you tend to have the room cracking up with your jokes or will you have tissues circulating? Deciding the mood you want your vows to evoke will help you get started. Create An Outline Unless you’re a master at memorization, trying to plot your speech word-for-word can be difficult. List the most important points in you want to make, in order, so they’ll be imprinted in your mind. Find A New Muse Everyone gets a case of writer’s block from time to time. To combat these moments, discover an artist that inspires you and create a vow playlist to get you motivated. Read through love poems and cards for phrases that stand out and channel that energy into your pen. Get Some Feedback Most brides are very protective of their vows because they want the big reveal to be awe-inspiring. However, your mother or maid of honor can be great sounding boards and provide input. Practice Practice Practice Prepare for your vows like you would a speech or a presentation at work. Recite your lines in front of the mirror or a video camera and time yourself. Create a YouTube station (for your eyes only) to see how far you’ve come. Check In With Your Fianc As your wedding date approaches and other things take priority, hold off on rehearsing and check in with your partner. If you’ve been fretting over your own, they might be in need of some support too. Brief each other on your progress and provide reassurance that your exchange will go smoothly. Finalize Your Vows Look at your vows with a fresh pair of eyes and decide where to make edits. All the hard work you’ve put in will pay off when the spotlight is on you and the words leap from your tongue effortlessly. We wonder which of your Will You Marry Me? couples plan to write their own vows. Read More