Bride: Sadiqa Adero Ihsan Edmonds, 34, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician

Groom: Ibram Henry Rogers, 31, Africana Studies Professor

Married On: May 18, 2013

Wedding Location: Half Moon Resort, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Wedding Style: Cultural Beach Elegance

When The Time Is Right
Busy doctor Sadiqa turned to a popular online dating site to help her find potential dates but she never seemed to have much luck. She deactivated her account and moved on until one day when a friend talked her into giving the site one more try. In her profile she alluded to having southern roots, so the day Ibram sent her a message saying he was “very fond of the south” she was instantly intrigued. They exchanged sweet pleasantries for about a week and then phone numbers. After just one call, they knew they were on to something special. They made plans for a romantic first date at a local restaurant.

After meeting up at the Philadelphia 30th St. train station, Ibram and Sadiqa walked to a nearby Thai restaurant and sat down to dine. “He barely touched his food the entire time,” she says. “I was worried that I made a bad choice of restaurants, but I later found out that he was so engrossed in our conversation, he just forgot to eat!” (Something she says he still does to this day.) They enjoyed themselves so much that they made brunch plans for the next day, and just like that, Sadiqa had found her soul mate online.

Celebrate Our Love
Sadiqa spent most of June 2012 in Gaborone, Botswana working in the pediatric medical ward at Princess Marina Hospital. Just prior to her return, Ibram said he’d planned a special Fourth of July trip to Atlantic City to celebrate their reunion. During their vacation, they went to the beach to watch the fireworks over the ocean and catch up on all they’d missed during the time she was gone. As they reflected on their year of love and happiness, Ibram reached into his sock, pulled out a ring box and handed it to her. He was on bended knee so Sadiqa knew exactly what was about to happen. “As he asked me to marry him, I pulled out a beautiful ring and placed it on my finger,” she recalls. “A few seconds later, the fireworks began.” It was a magical moment she’ll cherish forever. Sadiqa and Ibram were married almost a year later on the beach in Jamaica before their closest family and friends. Share their love and see their romantic “I dos.”

Photos: Alan Smith of Signature Weddings

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