Bride: Xenia Brown, 26, Marketing Specialist

Groom: Sheldon Garrett, 27, Knowledge Management Analyst

Married On: April 6, 2013

Wedding Location: New Orleans, LA

Wedding Style: Southern Charm

More Than Friends
Xenia and Sheldon were first introduced in undergrad at Louisiana State University. They shared mutual friends so they saw each other often but never really had a chance to chat. Slowly but surely, they enjoyed more chance interactions and the more they talked, the more they realized they had many things in common and there was a lot of chemistry between them. “With our endless list of similarities serving as our muse, we began our love affair and we have never looked back,” says Xenia. “Since our love for music is something that first brought us together. We enjoy traveling and attending concerts and music festivals together.

A Beautiful Surprise
“Normally I’m not a fan of surprises,” says Xenia. “But, Sheldon’s proposal was an exceptional one!” It was Easter Sunday and his parents were visiting New Orleans for the holiday. Their families often spent the holidays together, so Xenia still had no clue this one would be a bigger deal. Sheldon had been hinting for a while that he would propose around Xenia’s graduation, which at the time was only one month away. “I began to expect that it would happen then, but I see now that he was just throwing me off all along!” she tells us.

As Xenia and Sheldon enjoyed good food and laughs with their families, her stepfather asked everyone to pause for a moment and gather in the backyard to hear an “announcement.” Xenia’s stepfather was the only one who knew what was about to happen. He and Sheldon had arranged everything together. “Well, I am just going to turn this over to Sheldon…” he said when he has everyone’s attention. Sheldon got up, grabbed her hand and asked her to come stand in front of everyone. She was so surprised that happy tears began to flow down her cheeks. “Will you please promise to always rap Jay-Z songs with me and do me the honor of becoming my wife?” he asked. Xenia melted right there in front of everyone.

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