Bride: Tekia Clemons, 31, Infectious Diseases and Nephrology Transplants

Groom: Leo Jenkins, 34, Ophthalmology

Married On: July 27, 2012

Ceremony Location: Rockefeller Memorial Chapel Chicago, IL

Reception Location: Hotel Sax Chicago

Wedding Style: Classic Meets Vintage

A Friend Of a Friend
Kia and Leo met online, and they have MySpace to thank for the hook up. One evening, years ago, while she was catching up with her best friend over the phone, Kia began scrolling through her friend’s MySpace friend list. She saw a cutie pie who instantly caught her eye, so she, of course, asked her friend who he was. “I went to high school with him,” she told Kia, who wanted more scoop. “She told me that he was a real gentleman and an overall nice guy,” says Kia.

Make The First Move
With a glowing recommendation she could trust, Kia patiently waited a week and then decided to make the first move. She nervously typed him a message that read, “Hi!” Afraid she hadn’t said enough, Kia was surprised when Leo immediately responded with a polite “hello.” She admitted that she was drawn to his photo and that they shared a mutual friend. After chatting for weeks online, Kia and Leo exchanged information and she asked him out on a date. On their first date, he pulled up with a dozen roses just for her. Even though she admited she wasn’t a big fan of roses, she wound up being his biggest fan by the end of the night. They learned that they had tons in common – including daughters who were similar in age. Even though Kia was hesitant to move forward with Leo because she had just ended a relationship, she couldn’t deny their attraction. Three months later they made it official.

When You Least Expect It
It was Christmas Day and Kia thought for sure that Leo was going to propose. She opened all her gifts and there was no ring box. She was only a little disappointed, so she continued to hold out hope that he would pop the question later on that day. The rest of the day wound up being a total disaster. Her car broke down, she had to get it towed and nothing went as planned. The next morning, she took the down Christmas tree with a sad face. She was angry with herself for getting all worked up about a Christmas proposal and then being so disappointed that it hadn’t happened. That night when she went to bed, she found a little ring box waiting for her on her pillow. Leo had fooled her well. She was over the moon with excitement and immediately began calling her close friends and family to share the news. Their summer wedding in Chicago was the perfect combination of style and vintage charm. Share their love!

Photos: Miller + Miller

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