Bride: TyMesha T. Bell, 35, Management Technology Consultation

Groom: H Early Marion, 37, Business Development Consultant

Married On: May 31, 2015

Wedding Style: Vintage Chic

Wedding Location: Hotel Zaza, Houston, Texas

Each Day Gets Better
Tymesha and H’s love story begins on the campus of Prairie View A&M University. “This man captured my heart over a decade ago one afternoon on my way to the engineering building,” she recalls. “H stopped me to pay me a compliment and he was handsome and with a large group of guys so I was totally embarrassed.” After their first awkward greeting each encounter they shared after that was just a little friendlier. They were both engineering majors so they shared several classes together. During their Network Theory class one afternoon, H approached TyMesha to ask to borrow her textbook. From then on they were study buddies. Then came cozy Sunday dinners.  “After reciting poetry until 5a.m. I knew he was special and I really wanted to get to know him,” she recalls. “Shortly after that we committed to one another and our story continues to build new chapters even today.”

Third Times A Charm
“My mind was made up and so I purchased the ring,” H. explains of the moment he knew TyMesha would be his wife. “I just needed time to orchestrate the perfect time to pop the question.” His sister in law, Sheena, knew of  his intentions,  so he bounced a few ideas off her. The couple had planned to head to Dallas for a Texans game and H. was able to land prime club seats at the 50-yard line. But when he went to the jeweler to pick up the ring before the trip, it was closed for a Jewish holiday. Devastated, he had to come up with a new plan. The following Monday morning he headed to the jeweler then figured that he could take Etta to dinner and pop the question there.  Earlier that day when he realized he left his phone in the SUV he went to TyMesha’s job to retrieve it.  “It was right around lunchtime so I asked her if she’d let me take her to lunch since I was headed that way, but she declined,” he recalls. “When I got to the security gate, I saw Etta walking out of the building. I told myself, forget it, I’m doing it right now! I got down on one knee, poured my heart out and asked her to marry me.” After she happily accepted she changed her mind about that lunch invitation. “Did I say yes to the man that rocks my world and allows me to be the woman I am? Of course I did!” she adds. “I’m marrying my best friend!”

Photos By: Tomayia Colvin Photographer