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Bridal Bliss: A Toast to True Love

Who says you can’t find love in the club? Deborah met Sam at a lounge when she was out having drinks with her girlfriends. He sparked up a conversation and she soon realized she was sitting across the bar from her soulmate. See their stunning wedding day and share the love!

Bride: Deborah Karen Greene, 32, Public Health Analyst

Groom: Samuel Bryant, 33, Real Estate Broker

Married On: September 15, 2013

Wedding Location: Oxon Hill Manor, Oxon Hill Maryland

Wedding Style: Rustic Chic

Love In the Club
Who says you can’t find love in the club? Deborah and her soulmate Sam sure did. She was out one Friday evening having drinks with her roommate and a friend enjoying a basketball game on the bar television. Sam and his friends were there too and the lounge was so deserted, it didn’t take long for him to notice a woman as beautiful as Deborah sitting by the bar. He walked over and struck up a conversation with her and they’ve been talking ever since.

Friendly Advice
When Sam knew that he’d found the woman of his dreams in Deborah, he asked a friend for advice on how to do so. She told him that women hate to be disappointed when they look forward to a surprise engagement on a holiday or momentous occasion and then it doesn’t happen. She recommended that he give Deborah a hint as to when he might propose, but instead he decided to be totally honest with her. A year before it happened, Sam told Deborah the exact day he planned to propose. It was to be on their four-year anniversary. Deborah was super excited that she would have plenty of time to prepare both physically and mentally. When the day finally arrived, Deborah had her hair and nails done just for the occasion and she even bought an outfit she didn’t mind being photographed in.

Worth the Wait
They went to dinner first. Although Deborah hoped Sam might have the ring hidden inside the meal, nothing happened. Afterward, he took her to the mall and told her he was treating her to any pair of shoes she wanted. That’s when she began to fear that Sam had forgotten what he promised her a year ago. Confused, she went along with the plan and found herself feeling slightly disappointed when they arrived home that night and she saw Sam put on his pajamas. “The next thing I knew, he had on a tie, a belt and his pajamas, and he was on bended knee,” Deborah recalls. “Yes, he made me wait all day, but he did propose on May 15th, just like he said.” Deborah was floating on cloud nine. “I was so excited,” she adds. “I put on my ring and the pair of shoes he bought me earlier during our random detour to the mall and pranced around the house.”

Deborah and Sam tied the knot in a romantic outdoor ceremony at a lovely Maryland manor. See their stunning wedding photos and share their love.

Photos: Luke Eshleman Photography