Bride: Dr. Tiffany Brunson, 30s, Molecular Biologist

Groom: Reginald Emeran, 30s, Investment Professional

Married On: 2/21/15

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Wedding Location: Mirror Lake Lyceum, St. Petersburg, Florida

Wedding Style: Traditional Elegance

The Right Place, At The Right Time
Crashing someone else’s wedding is what ultimately set Tiffany on the path to her big day. Back in the summer of 2012, she was living in Atlanta and struggling through her law school finals when her friend Felicia asked her to join her for a wedding in Curacao. Felecia’s husband couldn’t make it, so Tiffany stepped in for an impromptu ladies weekend. When the ladies arrived at the resort, Tiffany locked eyes with Reggie, who was there to attend the wedding as a friend of the groom’s.  “I still vividly remember that moment,” Tiffany shares. “As cliché as it might sound, from the moment we locked eyes, there was, as the French say, a certain je ne sais quoi.” They were briefly introduced and then everyone jetted off to the start of the wedding ceremony. The magic between them only intensified during the wedding. “During the ceremony and reception we talked, laughed and danced the night away,” she adds. They both knew that night that they’d met someone special and that moment would not be their last one together.

Bliss In The Big Easy
While dating, Tiffany and Reggie always talked about visiting New Orleans, and then one day they finally made it happen in honor of her birthday. They shared a great weekend filled with live music, street performances, art galleries, and beignets at Cafe Du Monde, while catching up with two of Reggie’s best friends from undergrad. As the weekend came to a close, Reggie made reservations at an excellent seafood restaurant in the French Quarter where they planned to celebrate their last night in New Orleans and her birthday.

Upon their arrival they were escorted to a small private room in the back of the restaurant and the staff treated them exceptionally well. “Since it was a my birthday, I spent half the evening trying to get Reggie to tell the waitress so they would give me something for free, but he kept thwarting off all of my attempts for the entire night,” Tiffany confesses. “After dinner, Reggie suggested getting dessert. I told him I didn’t want any but he insisted and ordered the cheesecake. As we waited for the waitress to bring the dessert, Reggie excused himself to go to the restroom.  Moments later, he returned carrying the dessert….He rested the plate down on the table and I read the words written on the plate – ‘will  you marry me?’” That’s when Reggie got down on one knee and the restaurant paparazzi rushed in with flashing cameras. Reggie had popped the question and Tiffany happily accepted as she floated away on cloud nine! See their wedding photos and share their love!

Photos: Kristina Houser Photography