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Bridal Bliss: Tiffany and Lenson's Atlanta Wedding

Tiffany and Lenson’s love story began with a beautiful work friendship that blossomed into the love of their lives. Their romantic, vintage-inspired Atlanta wedding was the epitome of elegance. Let’s celebrate their love!

Bride: Tiffany Antoinette McKinney, 28, Procurement Supervisor

Groom: Lenson Leroy Bellamy III, 31, Lead Quality Engineer

The Big Day: May 18, 2014

Wedding Location: Biltmore Ballrooms, Atlanta

Wedding Style: Vintage Elegance

A Blossoming Love
Sometimes the most beautiful romances are born from trusted friendships. Tiffany and Lenson’s love story began in Cleveland, Tennessee, just two months after they graduated from college. A mutual colleague introduced them and shortly afterward they begin working on special projects together. When the co-workers got together to hang out, Lenson and Tiffany would always join the group individually but end up hanging out mostly with each other. They bonded as friends and eventually began getting together every weekend. “Lenson and I quickly became friends and then so much more,” she tells us. They dated casually for the first year and then things got serious and they didn’t fight it. Their connection just felt right.

Tropical Bliss
In March 2012, Lenson and his ladylove Tiffany were vacationing together in Costa Rica at a beautiful resort. It was on that trip that he made her dreams come true. “My hair was braided in pigtails, like Pippi Longstocking, to have the crinkly look for the day,” she recalls. “Lenson was headed to the gym and I asked if he wanted company, and of course he said yes.” They headed off to the beach and Lenson brought along his backpack as usual. When they arrived at the gym to find the workout equipment out of order, Lenson suggested they take a walk on the beach. As they walked, Lenson began asking Tiffany some important questions. “What do you want for or see in the future?” he asked her. She responded, “To be healthy, have a happy and beautiful family and to be successful. That’s when the magic happened. Lenson stopped, got down on one knee, looked his love in the eyes and pulled out an engagement ring. “I see us in the future!” he exclaimed. Tiffany cried hysterically because she was both surprised and overjoyed. Talk about an instant upgrade to cloud nine!

See their gorgeous and glamorous Atlanta wedding style and share their love.

Lovely Photography By: Scobey Photography