Bride: Tai Gabrielle Thomas, 28, Entertainment Manager

Groom: Gavin Jared McEachin, 28, Sales Manager

Married On: April 26, 2013

Wedding Location: Orlando, FL

Wedding Style: Modern Elegance

Step In the Name of Love
Gavin and Tai met their freshman year at Hampton University in Virginia. They were both participating in the annual freshman step show and representing their respective dorms. They felt so comfortable around each other that their close friendship blossomed almost overnight. They remained besties throughout college although they never got involved romantically. When graduation came around, Tai began to wonder if perhaps their bond was something more and felt that maybe they’d missed their “moment.” She moved away and they remained close friends. Fast forward to 2008. Tai was living and working Orlando when Gavin began to pay her frequent visits on holidays and special occasions. “I knew our time had come,” she recalls. “It was so natural. From that Labor Day Weekend visit on, we spoke every day and I knew that he was back in my life for a reason.”

Run to You
Tai loves to run marathons. Back in 2011, one of her big goals was to complete a full marathon, so she and Gavin signed up for the Disney Full Marathon. He even talked their friends and family into coming along too. Although they were exhausted at the finish line, the happy couple did complete the race. Afterwards, they just wanted to go home and rest, but someone from the theme park approached them about playing a live trivia game. As they stood together trying their hand at trivia questions in their sweaty workout clothes, Tai and Gavin were being broadcast live on giant Jumobtron screens throughout Disney World.

After they answered the final question, Gavin had a surprise for Tai. He got down on one knee and proposed right there in front of everyone, while her line sisters were waiting to surprise her too. “I was overwhelmed with emotion and weak in the knees from running and embracing the fact that I was going to share my life with my best friend,” says Tai. “My parents, grandmother, his family, my friends and my line sisters from across the country came to witness this moment. He did good; real good!”

Photos: ArtPhotoSoul Photographers