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Bridal Bliss: That's What Friends Are For

Physical therapists Lauren and James met at a mixer in school. After forming a lasting friendship, they realized their hearts wanted much, much more. Share their love!

Bride: Lauren Jackson, 30, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Groom: James Pierre- Glaude, 28, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Athletic Trainer

Married On: March 30, 2013

Wedding Location: Franklin Square, NY

Wedding Style: Traditional

That’s What Friends Are For
Lauren and James met in graduate school for physical therapy. She was a second-year student visiting his first-year class to tell them about the annual welcome BBQ for new students. She introduced herself, gave him her number and offered to help him get acquainted with the campus, should he ever need any help. “Never in a thousand years, would I ever think that Lauren would have been interested in me,” says James. A romance between them was the furthest thing from Lauren’s mind too. After bumping into each other repeatedly at parties and events, Lauren and James became good friends. “We started talking more and realizing that we had a lot in common,” she recalls. “We remained friends, even after I graduated, and we realized that we liked each other somewhere along the way. A few months after I graduated, we started dating, and we have been together ever since.”

A Night to Remember
It was November 2011, and Lauren and James had already been an official couple for over a year. They made plans to have dinner with Lauren’s best friend and her boyfriend the night before Thanksgiving. James’ suspicious behavior leading up to that evening had Lauren wondering what he was up to, but a proposal was the last thing she would have guessed. The dinner was fabulous, and after they ordered dessert, James suggested that they all go around the table and say what they’re most thankful for. “James started telling me how he was so thankful for me, and he proceeded to get down on one knee,” Lauren says. “I thought it was a joke because my husband is a bit of a jokester. I was in total shock and extremely happy.” She called her friends and family immediately, but to her surprise, she couldn’t get any of them on the phone. James suggested they go into the city for drinks. When they arrived at the bar, over 50 of the happy couple’s closest friends and family yelled, “Surprise!” Lauren had walked right into their engagement party and she was grinning from ear-to-ear. James had even hired a photographer to capture all of the night’s best memories. It was the perfect proposal to complement the perfect union. See their gorgeous wedding photos and share their love!

Photos: Joshua Dwain Photography