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Bridal Bliss: My Office Crush

Tasha and Marcus met at work, became best friends and soon fell head-over-heels in love.
Bride: Tasha Ayonette Barnett, 30, Operations Analyst

Groom: Marcus Wesley Griffin, 30, Equity Derivatives Trader Assistant

Married On: May 27, 2012

Wedding Location: Atlantic City, NJ

Wedding Style: Contemporary Elegance by the Sea

An Office Crush
Marcus and Tasha met while working at Lehman Brothers in New York City. Although they worked on separate floors, they crossed paths quite often. Still just unfamiliar strangers in the hall, they kept their interactions cordial but brief. It wasn’t until they were both attendees at a networking event that a mutual friend gave them a formal introduction. At this point, they knew each other’s names, but there was still no chemistry between them. It was the night Tasha went out to help a friend celebrate her 25th birthday that everything changed. Marcus was at the club that evening, too. He spotted her in a “Tina Turner top” and she caught him sporting “his best P. Diddy jacket.” Embarrassed and tickled by their out-of-office encounter, Tasha and Marcus agreed not to talk about their rendezvous at the office. Of course, that didn’t last long. This time, when Tasha and Marcus locked eyes in the hallway, they couldn’t help but smile. “Marcus began leaving me chocolate, candy and wine in my desk, just because,” says Tasha. “I thought it was sweet.” They were best friends before they even knew what hit them. “Our one year friendship quickly blossomed into a four-year love affair and we couldn’t have been happier. It turns out Lehman Brothers didn’t survive, but somehow we made it.”

A Staycation to Remember
The day Marcus asked Tasha to be his wife she had no clue a proposal was coming her way. They took off the day from work to spend it together and she was determined to enjoy all the little things – he made her breakfast and took her out for a walk in the park and a sit-down lunch. It was Marcus’ sister’s birthday, so they stopped by his parent’s house. Tasha sat on the couch with her face buried in a magazine as she waited for the festivities to start. “Do you know how much I love you?” Marcus asked. “I stopped reading and looked over to find him on one knee with a ring box,” says Tasha. “I honestly don’t remember him asking, but I remember saying yes.”