Bride: Tanya Menard-Noel, 29, Resident Psychiatrist

Groom: Ron Noel, 40, Freelance Video Editor

Married On: May 5, 2012

Wedding Location: Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort, St. Lucia

Wedding Style: Tropical Romance

Will You Be My Valentine
This couple’s love story began on a cool late winter Brooklyn night in 2007, just a week before Valentine’s Day. Newly single psychiatrist Tanya agreed to join her girlfriends for a Poconos ski weekend at the last minute and they all met up to board the bus. Little did she know that Ron, a recently divorced freelance video editor, had also just decided to join a few friends for the same excursion. They first saw each other on the bus, when Tanya noticed just how cute Ron was. When they arrived at the ski lodge, Tanya locked eyes with him once again, and this time she made sure she stared just long enough to let him know he had a chance. That evening at the pajama party, he made his move. “We just had a connection,” Tanya says. They danced the night away and when they returned to Brooklyn, he sent flowers to her job for Valentine’s Day.

Take Me to Paradise
While visiting Montego Bay, Jamaica, in 2010 to attend a friend’s wedding, the happy couple decided to make the most of their mini vacation and enjoy some relaxing, private time. “When he asked me to marry him, we had the whole beach to ourselves,” says Tanya. “He got down on bended knee, and when I responded, ‘No way. I’ll think about it,’ and smiled, he put the ring on my finger and ignored my shenanigans as usual.” She finally said yes, and they kissed under the stars in a moment they both wished could last forever. Share their love now!

Photos: Bas Clark

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