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Bridal Bliss: Sweet Serendipity

Alain just happened to walk into the same Starbucks where Peace was studying for an exam. Once they locked eyes, it was love at first sight. Share their love!

Bride: Peace Moore, 30, Nurse Practitioner

Groom: Alain Calixte, 31, Laboratory Technologist

Married On: July 5, 2013

Wedding Location: Long Island, NY

Wedding Style: Victorian Wedding

An Unexpected First Date
In November 2009, Peace was at a Starbucks knee deep in her books studying for an exam when Alain walked in to order coffee and read his book. He smiled at her when he walked by and later sat across from her at the table hoping to get her attention. She was determined not to lose focus, but Alain’s charm quickly won her over. Alain struck up a conversation and before they knew it, they were way past small talk. “Nothing in life is a coincidence,” Peace explains.  “I believe it’s God.” They spoke for an hour about everything – God, love, marriage and even their likes and dislikes. It was like a first date neither of them ever expected to go on. Afterward, he walked Peace to her car and asked for her phone number. “I was surprised to see how upfront he was, and I admired his determination,” she recalls. “I was also reassured that he knew what he wanted, and it was me.” Alain called, as promised, and a beautiful relationship was born.

Best Night Ever
Peace still remembers Alain’s 2011 proposal just like it was yesterday. That morning he called and told her that he was taking her out later that night. After work, she headed to the hairdresser so that she could be sure and look great for a night out with her man. Alain picked her up and took her to New York City’s Battery Park. They sat on the swings and talked as they stared out onto the water and the moonlight’s reflection in it. He looked at her and asked if she loved him, and she said yes, of course. As they were leaving the park, he got down on bended knee and handed her a gift bag. Inside there was a cupcake from her favorite bakery that read, “Will You Marry Me?” Peace was in complete shock. “So shocked, I didn’t say yes, I just said ‘Thank you!’ twice,” she adds. “He got up after he waited so long. A second later, I finally said yes.”

Photos: Gina Esposito Photography