Bride: Eghosa Precious Asoro, 28, Healthcare Professional

Groom: Eyituoyo Samuel Orugboh, 31, Information Technology

The Big Day: June 20, 2015

Wedding Location: Alpharetta, Georgia

Wedding Style: Modern Elegance

Beautiful Beginnings
Sometimes the most beautiful love stories are born from lifelong friendships. Such was the case for Southern sweethearts Eghosa and Eyituoyo who grew up together. They’ve known each other since he was 11 years old and she was only eight. By the time they reached their 20s, they were the best of friends who looled forward to bumping into each other at outings hosted by mutual friends. Before they ever saw it coming, they fell head over heels in love. In a fun surprise move, Eyituyo popped the question at the big 30th birthday bash that Eghosa threw for him. She never saw it coming! See their romantic Georgia wedding day and share their love.

Photos: Fotos By Fola

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