Bride: Reiko Gillum Foster, 36, Educator/Style Blogger

Groom: Sean Foster, 33, Communication Analyst/Poet

Married Since: July 30, 2011

Wedding Location: The Mosaic, Houston, Texas

Wedding Style: A DIY surprise wedding.

Just Go With It
Style blogger Reiko ignored her friend Sheila for months as she continuously offered to introduce her to a co-worker who was a poet and “just her style.” If you’ve ever had a close friend set you up and it didn’t end well, you can understand her hesitation. Lucky for Reiko, Sheila had no intention of letting it go. Eventually her persistence prevailed, and Reiko agreed to meet Sean for a Sunday afternoon date. Sheila had successfully played cupid. Reiko and Sean instantly knew they were soul mates when true love found its way into their hearts.

The Perfect Storm
Three (very!) happy years later, Reiko and Sean found themselves hunkering down in Houston preparing for Hurricane Ike to hit. As they were boarding up windows in her home, Sean stopped to run back outside to his car. Reiko thought he was braving the storm to look for more tape or wood for the windows, but he came back upstairs with a Build-A-Bear in his hands. “He got on one knee and pressed the play button on the bear,” says Reiko. “It was his voice saying, ‘Reiko, will you marry me?’ I gave him the side-eye for half a second because I thought he was joking.” Reiko quickly realized Sean was as serious as the storm headed their way, and she happily hugged her new fiancé as she accepted his heartfelt marriage proposal. After the storm, they were without power for almost a week, but the exciting news kept their spirits high. One year later, Reiko and Sean surprised their friends and family with a memorable wedding ceremony. Help us celebrate Reiko and Sean’s sweet love.

Photos: Nathan Russell Photography