Bride: Regina Ivana Mitchell, 36, Personal Trainer

Groom: Ramondo Miguel Frank, 46, Verizon Manager

The Big Day: May 23, 2014

Wedding Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Wedding Theme: Traditional Elegance

Greek Love
Since Regina pledged Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. at Temple University and Ramondo pledged Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. at Cheney University, both colleges in Philadelphia, it was understandable that they often found themselves running in the same circles during their collegiate years. Although they did notice each other back then, they had never spoken before. That was, of course, until they shared a chance encounter at the annual Jazz Festival in St. Lucia, where John Legend was headlining.

Ramondo happened to be there with a few people that Regina knew well, so when she spotted them in the crowd, she made her way over to say hello. She and Ramondo ended up talking to each other all night. They met up the next day and made sure to exchange phone numbers and goodbyes at the airport. Unfortunately, when they got back to their respective hometowns, they both lost each other’s information before they could reach out again. Two years later, Regina moved back to Philadelphia from Ohio. When she arrived and got settled, a few old friends heard that she was in town and invited her to a local party. Guess who she saw when she got there? Ramondo! “We both laughed about losing each other’s number and how we really wished we had kept in touch,” she recalls. “Then Ramondo said, ‘I’m going to marry you!’ I laughed it off and then replied, ‘Sure, Ramondo.’ One year later he did.”

The Big Question
Just three months after Ramondo and Regina reconnected, he was certain he was ready to propose. Every year Ramondo plans a boat ride as a fundraiser for one of his organizations. This particular year, he insisted that his ladylove come and see the yacht he was planning to use for the event. “I was so disinterested in taking a half a day of work to come see this yacht but I could tell it really meant a lot to him, so I went,” says Regina. “When I got to the pier I noticed we were the only ones getting on the boat.” The captain made a sudden announcement that the crew was going to take a quick ride out on the water. Regina turned to tell Ramondo that she wasn’t sure she had time to do so, but when she looked over, she found him on bended knee with a ring box in his hand. The moment that she accepted his proposal, the boat’s captain made a special announcement: “Congratulations to Ramondo, Regina said yes!” The entire yacht staff walked in clapping and carrying champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. “Suddenly I had no better plans for the rest of the evening.” See their romantic “I dos” and share their love.

Photos: Zamani Feelings Photography

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