Bride: Jamia, 33, Executive Director of Youth Tech Health

Groom: Travis, 42, Jazz Saxophonist and Composer

Married On: August 10, 2013

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Wedding Location: Washington, D.C.

Wedding Style: Vintage Jazz Age Inspired Elegance

You Caught My Eye
Technically speaking, Jamia and Travis officially met almost a year before they started dating during a brief encounter with mutual friends. It wasn’t their time yet; they were both dating other people. Fast forward to 2008. Jamia’s friend Elizabeth, who is also friends with Travis, asked her to come to his band’s album release party to help her sell CDs. That night, Travis was so impressed with Jamia’s smile and the way that she supported his band, he just had to ask her out.  When he returned from touring, he asked her to go on a date with him on Easter Sunday. He showed up with a big chocolate bunny and took her along to one of his performances. They concluded the evening with dinner for two at an adorable Italian eatery. “I’ve felt since day one like I’ve known Travis all of my life,” says Jamia. “We had instant chemistry, respect and affection for each other. We’ve been inseparable since that night.”

Dinner For Two
On May 6, 2011, Travis asked Jamia to come out with him for a very special dinner. Her job at the time required that she do lots of media appearances when tough cases involving women were in the news. This day was particularly rough for Jamia and she almost decided not to go out that evening. Travis promised that it would be worth her while and he took her to a tiny French bistro called Twenty Six Seats, which was one of the places they went when they first began dating. It was there that he proposed to her when the waiter brought out her favorite dessert. “I love you,” he said. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You make me so happy. Baby, will you marry me?” Her answer was yes, of course. See their retro-themed wedding day and share their love!

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