Bride: Dr. Jacquelyn Jai Pelham, 41, Perinatologist (left)

Bride: Rebecca Danielle Crouch, 32, Principal

Married On: June 29, 2013

Wedding Location: Longview Art Gallery, Washington, D.C.

Wedding Style: Modern

Right Under My Nose
Jai will never forget the first time she met Rebecca 10 years ago. “She was super memorable,” she recalls. “She and her twin were the life of the party.” Over the years, Jai ran into Rebecca at different social events, but they only shared brief conversations in passing. Even when Rebecca moved away, Jai kept in touch with her twin sister Rachel, which is how she wound up with an invite to her pool party in June 2010. Rebecca was there, and this time around, she and Jai really got the chance to talk — and the conversation and chemistry were amazing. “I didn’t realize it then, but she was flirting with me,” Jai admits. A few months later, when Rebecca moved back to Washington D.C., she immediately invited Jai to brunch. “She was late and I almost left, but I’m so glad I didn’t,” Jai admits. “We talked for hours about each other, the education gap, healthcare disparities and the link between the two. It may sound a little nerdy, but it was perfect.” It was on that day, as they sat across the table from each other at Mrs. K’s Tollhouse, that they realized they were made for one another.

The Place Where It All Began
Anyone who knows Jai knows that that she loves going out for brunch. One beautiful Saturday morning, Rebecca told her to get up early for a special morning. Jai was a bit reluctant to go — she had had a can’t-miss hair appointment scheduled for that afternoon — but she decided to just go with the flow. Unbeknownst to Jai, Rebecca had already made a special hair appointment for her at a new salon and even gone out of her way to have it all cleared with her usual hair stylist. Rebecca sat with Jai for three hours in the salon while her lady got a hot new haircut. Jai was already on cloud nine when they walked out of the salon, and the day only got better after that. Rebecca took her back to Mrs. K.’s Tollhouse. They sat down at a cozy corner table with a great view when Jai realized their waiter was the same who took care of them on their first date and the time when they returned to celebrate their anniversary.

As Jai looked around anxiously waiting on their menus and drinks, Rebecca began to fidget nervously because she had a big question she’d been patiently waiting to ask: She told her that they were sitting at a very special place and she wanted it to be special forever. “Are you sure you want to wake up to this face the rest of your life?” Rebecca asked Jai. “Of course!” she responded. Rebecca took her left hand and put a beautiful ring on it. “Will you do me the favor of wearing this ring for the rest of your life?” she added. Jai was elated and speechless as the waiter showed up right on time with chocolate covered strawberries and a slice of cake. Jai began calling and texting their friends, but oddly enough, no one answered. Rebecca suggested they walk into the cellar bar for a toast, and when they walked in, all their friends were there waiting to celebrate with them. “It was simply perfect,” says Jai. See the happy couple’s modern wedding style and share their love!

Photos: Scrole Vision Photography

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