Bride: Stephanie Nichele Johnson, 33, E-Commerce Merchandise Coordinator

Groom: Torik Jibri Logan, 38, Biotechnologist

Married On: April 6, 2013

Ceremony Location: Glen Allen, VA

Reception Location: Richmond, VA

Wedding Style: Rustic Elegance

Paging All Soul Mates To the Fragrance Section
For months, Torik’s best friend’s wife tried to talk him into meeting her good friend from work, whom she described as being “beautiful” and “perfect” for him. He wasn’t really into the idea of being set up on a blind date, so Torik repeatedly refused her offers to introduce them. Then, one sunny afternoon, he stopped by the mall to visit his friend at the department store where she worked. She was busy taking care of a customer, so he waited patiently and looked around the store. “That’s when I noticed a beautiful woman behind the fragrance counter,” he admits. “I asked my friend who she was, and she said, verbatim, ‘That is the woman I have been trying to introduce you to, you idiot.’” Her name was Stephanie, and even though Torik didn’t know it then, he soon found out that she was the woman of his dreams. “I built up the courage and introduced myself,” he adds. “And, the rest is history.”

Happy Birthday Baby
To celebrate Stephanie’s birthday, Torik suggested they spend a warm autumn day in Charlottesville at Carter’s Mountain, where they could pick apples, enjoy a wine tasting and end the day with a little shopping. Since fall is Stephanie’s favorite season, she was instantly up for the fun. After the day’s festivities, they went to a little café nearby to share a bowl of soup. As the conversation at the table became more intimate, Torik did something totally unexpected – he proposed. “He told me how much he loved me, and how he knew I was the one for him from the very first moment we met,” she recalls. “It was truly romantic. I was completely caught off guard and speechless for a moment. Of course, I said yes. It was the best birthday gift I’ve ever received!” Share their love! 

Photos: Kacie Lynch Photography