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Bridal Bliss: One Moment in Time

When Brandis and Ronald met, they were instantly drawn to one another. Four years later, they still only have eyes for each other.
Bride: Brandis M. Theodore, 29, Registered Nurse

Groom: Ronald Theodore, 32, QA Specialist

Married On: February 19th, 2011

Wedding Location: Houston, Texas

Wedding Theme: ’50s Era Glam

One Moment in Time
Ronald was visiting college buddies in Houston the day he first set eyes on Brandis, who just happened to be walking by them at a nearby store. Right then and there he just knew he had to have her, so he walked on over to say “Hi.” The two got to talking and Brandis really liked his style. She agreed to give him her information. The pair formed a friendship bond, and before they knew what hit them, they’d fallen head-over-heels in love.

Find My Love
Ronald always knew Brandis would be his wife. On the day he proposed, he was at Brandis’ house and her family was also there visiting. They were all headed out the door for the evening when Ronald told Brandis he couldn’t find his keys and needed her to help him look. “I go off searching the entire house for his keys, but he was just standing at the door watching me hunt,” says Brandis.

She finally found the keys and as she began to dig in her purse with her back to him, she heard him say, “Thank you, partner. I don’t know what I’d do without you, partner. That’s why we make such great partners.” Brandis wondered why he kept using the word “partner” and when she turned to ask him, she saw Ronald down on bended knee with an engagement ring in his hand. Ronald asked Brandis, “Will you be my partner for life?” Her mouth dropped as her parent smiled and watched. She agreed, and one year later the two made it official in an intimate vintage ceremony. Share their love!

Photography by Civic Photos