Bride: Omonye Osayande, 27, Pharmacist

Groom: Seun Phillips, 30, Electrical Engineering

Married On: May 24, 2014

Wedding Location: Troy, Michigan

Wedding Style: Modern Elegance

Friendship First
Omonye and Seun first met at an engineering mixer at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. She was a freshman looking to meet new people and he was senior there to do the same. When Seun noticed that Omonye was not doing the electric slide dance like everyone else, he took the opportunity to make his move and walk over and say hello. She was easy to talk to and there was something special there, so they became friends right there on the dance floor. But their love story didn’t end there. After eight years of unforgettable friendship, Seun and Omonye decided it was time to take their rock-solid relationship to new heights. “We started dating and the rest is history,” Omonye teases.

Father, May I?
Seun was so smitten with Omonye he wanted to ensure that his marriage proposal was perfect in every single way. Before popping the question he flew all the way to Nigeria to ask her father for his permission face-to-face. When he returned with Omonye’s father’s blessing, Seun planned a special evening with his future wife-to-be in mind. Knowing how much Omonye loves jazz music, he invited some of their friends to joint them at a jazz club in Detroit for an evening of entertainment and fun. Omonye thought that was all that was on the menu for the evening, but her love had bigger plans. Seun was on stage before she knew what was happening and in front of the entire crowd he pledged his eternal love and requested her hand in marriage. She was already on cloud nine, but when he pulled out the custom engagement ring he designed just for her, that only further sealed the deal. See their romantic “I dos” and share their love!

Photo: Illusion Imagery