Bride: Nicole Renee Francisco, 30, CFO of Calvary Community Church and Academy

Groom: Phil Yu Bailey, 31, School Administrator/Attorney

The Big Day: October 12, 2014

Wedding Location: Norfolk, VA

A Brilliant Love Connection
When Nicole and Phil’s mutual friends had a hunch that they would make the perfect couple, they worked overtime to arrange a proper introduction. When they finally met, the chemistry between them was instant and very intense. “We introduced ourselves and ended up venturing to a couple of different spots in D.C.,” says Nicole. “We had a pretty amazing conversation and great chemistry for the rest of the evening. Needless to say, my life has never been the same since!”

A Love Story To Remember
Just eight months later, Phil was on bended knee giving Nicole the best Christmas surprise ever: A proposal so romantic we can’t help but swoon. “Growing up, there were at least two loves my father had that he passed on to me — story-telling and Christmas,” Nicole explains. “My father loved to tell my two sisters and I bedtime stories. One of my favorite stories since I was a little girl was always ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas. Knowing my affinity for Christmas and stories, Phil had planned to read the story to me on Christmas Eve.” After Phil finished the book, he asked if she could bear to hear one more story. “Of course, I obliged him,” says Nicole. “He proceeded to pull from behind his back another book titled More Than a Ring. Each page showed pictures of each stage of a ring’s creation. Phil asked me to turn to the last page myself, and on it was a picture of Phil on one knee holding a box with a ring inside.” When Nicole looked up from the page, there Phil was on bended knee by her bedside with the same box and ring inside. “Will you marry me?” he asked her. We bet you can guess what her answer was. See their romantic Norfolk wedding day and share their love.

Photos: Keith Cephus Photography