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Bridal Bliss: Naima and Isaiah's Maryland Mansion Wedding

Naima and Isaiah were boyfriend and girlfriend in the sixth grade but lost touch when his family moved away. Seventeen years later they reconnected on Facebook and fell in love all over again. Their mansion wedding was the sweetest. See the photos and share the love!

Bride: Naima C. Harmon, 33, Production Management

Groom: Isaiah K. Simmons, 33, Union Electrician

Married On: April 6, 2014

Wedding Location: Newton White Mansion/Mitchellville, Maryland

Wedding Style: Romantic Elegance

Falling In Love Again
Sometimes even the youngest heart can know true love when it feels it. Naima met her new husband Isaiah back in elementary school. “I had a crush on him and those hazel eyes of his back when we were in the sixth grade,” she recalls. “We were boyfriend and girlfriend for a brief period before he moved away and we lost touch.” Fast-forward 17 years. Isaiah found Naima on Facebook and sent her a friend request out of the blue. He was still living in Maryland but she’d moved to Brooklyn, New York. They chatted online occasionally as they began to slowly renew their connection.

When she found out he was an electrician, Isaiah convinced her that she probably needed one in her life. He was flirting, for sure, and Naima totally took the bait. “I needed some help installing a dimmer light in my apartment, so I took him up on his offer,” she recalls. “He kindly talked me through the whole process of what I needed to purchase and how to install it on my own. It actually worked and I became more intrigued by him, his knowledge and his humor.”

Their long-distance flirtations grew more frequent as they hoped to have a chance to reconnect in person once again. “One lucky July in 2010, I was in town for my girl India’s birthday and Isaiah and I actually had time to meet up at the National Harbor,” Naima recalls. “We talked and laughed for hours. That night I fell in love again.”

Smile For the Camera
In March 2013, Naima and Isaiah decided to celebrate their March birthdays together by taking a bliss-filled trip to California. During their romantic visit to a beach in Santa Monica they stopped to ask a stranger to take the perfect photo of them with the breathtaking beach landscape in the background. As Naima worked on the perfect pose for the camera, Isaiah got down on bended knee to propose. She was so excited she closed her eyes in disbelief as he gave the sweetest speech she’d ever heard. “We have an inside joke between us where we say that he needs to keep me around to help him reach his back to scratch it or put lotion on it, so I thought it was hilarious when I heard him say, ‘Naima, will you please be around for the next 50 years to help me put lotion on my back?’” Aww! She accepted his romantic proposal, of course. See their sweet Maryland mansion wedding and share their love!

Photos: Rob Korb Photography