Bride: Rukiya Campbell, 33, Public Relations and Marketing Manager

Groom: Qubi Campbell, 36, Firefighter and Athletic Personal Trainer

Married Since: June 18, 2011

Wedding Location: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Wedding Style: Beach Chic

A Chance Encounter
It was All-Star Weekend 2007 in Las Vegas and both Rukiya and Qubi were in town for a mutual friend’s pre-wedding party. They had never met before that day, but wound up bumping into each other during the festivities.

As they got to talking, they realized they once lived in the same town and knew all the same people. Hoping to get to know each other better they exchanged information and promised to keep in touch. Rukiya returned to her home in Indianapolis and Qubi headed back to Atlanta.  

Sending My Love to You
With so much distance between them, the easiest way to connect was via email. For five months they sent each other daily love notes back and forth as they slowly got to know each other. Finally, they got their chance to meet up for an official first date. They took a six-hour road trip together to Florida, where they spent the weekend at a secluded beach house with cell phone reception, TV, or outsiders.

“After that weekend we realized that our encounter wasn’t by chance, and that our lives would never be the same from that point forward,” recalls Rukiya.

Eleven months later, Rukiya moved to Atlanta to be with Qubi… a moment they both very much looked forward to since falling in love.

Midnight Magic
To kick off Valentine’s Day weekend 2011, Rukiya and Qubi decided to book a sexy downtown hotel suite and enjoy a perfect night out on the town. That evening, they went for a romantic dinner for two and listened to live jazz. Later that night, back at the room while Rukiya lay sleeping, Qubi slipped an engagement ring on her finger. She woke up in the middle of the night and quickly noticed something was very different.

“When I reached over to turn the light on, I saw the ring on my finger,” says Rukiya. “It was after midnight and officially Valentine’s Day when Qubi looked into my eyes and asked me to be his wife.”

Photography by: SB Childs Photography