Bride: Melissa Dawin Simkins, 36, Entrepreneur

Groom: William Alfred Simkins III, 40, Entrepreneur

Married On: July 27, 2013

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Wedding Location: The Historic Mayflower Hotel, Washington, D.C.

Wedding Style: Romantic Elegance

New Beginnings
In 2002 Melissa’s boyfriend passed away suddenly while playing basketball. Heartbroken and saddened, she wasn’t sure she’d ever find true love again. She turned to her faith in God for strength. “God helped to heal my heart,” she recalls. “I wrote a journal and I prayed for the qualities that I wanted in my husband. My requests were very detailed and specific. I prayed over that list for over 10 years.” Then one day she met William; he was the man of her dreams and everything she prayed for.

When Two Become One
Melissa was supposed to be the keynote speaker at a convention in the Bahamas the weekend that she met William, but her trip was cancelled because of Hurricane Sandy. (William was also supposed to be on a business trip in the Bahamas the same weekend, but his plans were cancelled too.) Instead, Melissa offered to host her cousin for the weekend in Atlanta and they wound up stopping by a Morehouse alumna homecoming party for a little fun. On her way to the bathroom, a man stopped Melissa and told her that she should smile more. Afraid he might be right, she flashed him a big pretty smile for the heck of it. The man attempted to get to know her better with a little casual conversation, but Melissa quickly became distracted by another man (it was William!) off in the distance motioning to get her attention. William signaled for her to stop talking to that guy and come meet him on the other side of the room. She had to admit, he was cute and there was something super sexy about a man who knew exactly what he wanted. Against her better judgement, she didn’t look for William, but to her surprise, later on that night William found her. “My husband was, and still is, a very determined man,” says Melissa. “He walked through the crowd to find me and then introduced himself to my cousin and I. His first words were, ‘You know you were wasting your time with that guy?’ I laughed, and then it was on. There was an immediate attraction.” As it turns out, it was the beautiful smile that Melissa flashed the other man that actually first caught William’s eye. “Lesson learned,” she adds. “A simple smile could change your life ladies.”

A Couple Of Forevers
They fell in love fast and hard. It only took six weeks for Melissa and William to know they’d found a partner for forever in each other. “He asked me if I would marry him in December 2012 when I came to visit him for the weekend,” says Melissa. “I was shocked but I knew then that he was my husband. At that time we didn’t have a ring but we made a commitment. We both agreed that God did something special when He connected us. He answered our prayers and fulfilled a promise He made to each of us.” See their lovely D.C. wedding style and share their love.

Photos: Michael Clark Photographers